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80's Summer Party!

What do you do with 250 guests on a Friday evening in June?

You PARTY of course!


The venue that held our group of party goers was Between The Bridges. We had a private area 'The Pier' and it worked great for this event. A mix of undercover and outside space is a must for our typical English summers!


When you gather a group of creative corporates you have to keep them entertained... we did just that! Giant Pacman, Table tennis, Table football, Retro arcade machine, Batak game, Mug painting, Henna artists, Photobooth and a chill out zone filled with games!


We also had an awesome Corporate social responsibility activity of Skateboard decorating!

All guests could come up and leave their mark on a skateboard, a group effort to get these all colourful before being Donated.

They were donated to 'The Skateboarding Foundation' a UK registered youth development charity dedicated to helping young people to fulfil their potential  through learning to skateboard.



We stepped aside from Glitter art and moved onto Henna Art... it went down a treat <3


What fuel did we have?

We had pop up food stalls, a Burger, Pizza and a Lebanese stand.

But don't forget the fully loaded Ice-cream van!


IF... you've got this far in our blog, you maybe asking: 'BUT WHAT MAKES IT 80's THEMED??'

Well... the music of course!!

We had Bandeoke back again. A live band which invites your guests up to do live karaoke!

Scary? YES. Fun? DOUBLE YES! Does everyone get involved? HELL YES!


On a final note, please enjoy these lovely photobooth shots of us!

A C-Wise event isn't a success unless we're having fun too <3

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