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An A-list Christmas Party!

How do you get over 100 celebrities to attend your work Christmas party?

You take the party to Madame Tussauds of course!!


This was the party of the season. We had the best turnout to this sell-out company event... we even ended up with a waitlist. (Doubling the numbers from their previous Christmas party).

Doors opened at 6pm and we had a queue of people waiting outside the door.


What made it so special you ask?...C-Wise planned it.

Check out the below video if you don't believe me.


Have you ever heard of Bandeoke?

It's live karaoke with a professional band. And WOW... the guests LOVED it!

We had a stream of volunteers to sing, the dancefloor was full and it gave a awesome atmosphere.

Clients feedback: 'We NEED to have them again at the next party'.


We also had a digital graffiti wall, arcade games and a caricaturist.


To top it all off we had the most fantastic face painters to add a touch of sparkle to the party!


Thanks for reading!

Get it touch if you would like us to help you with your Christmas party :)

Is that Valerie dressed up?

  • Yes... crazy girl!

  • No...she wouldn't be caught dead in that.

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