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Corporate Social Responsibility

Updated: May 7, 2022

CSR is a term that is thrown around a lot in the corporate world and in rather a serious manor. We want to show you how much fun CSR can be, so we’ve picked a few of our favourite / fun CSR ideas to share with you!


Why not cook for the community? Invite a local care home, homeless shelter or a charity to come and dine with you. You will have to prepare everything from scratch, learning a few skills on the way.


Did someone say tartan? Split into teams, who can find the best tartan outfit in the charity shops of Edinburgh city centre. Dress to impress on the catwalk that evening.

An event to help raise money for those charity shops used.


Not all CSR have to be for humans… what about building your own hotel for insects? Learn all about the ecosystem and have fun whilst doing so!


Give both cycling and cinema a new meaning, stop pedalling and you will stop the film. This activity raises awareness of energy usage, while also promoting health and exercise. Developed in an energy conscious climate, they provide a unique carbon neutral event solution.


Barcelona has such a beautiful beach, so why not do a beach clean up? Collecting all the trash and plastic. After the clean up have a plastic workshop where we will recycle the plastic and make our own sunglasses!


Let’s not pretend to change the world, but with little actions we can make it better.

Sustainable activities and CSR awareness makes the world become prettier and less wasted… right from the first event!

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