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Virtual events. Shall we, or shan’t we?

Updated: May 7, 2022

Its coming up to our 1.5 year anniversary of Virtual events and wow what a time its been.

To say we were reluctant to start virtual events is an understatement, lets jump back to summer of 2020. Why start virtual events when live events are coming back soon? Every two weeks we said this to ourselves… its coming back, it must, right? After saying this way too many times the realisation set in, it’s going to take a little longer than we think.

LETS TAKE THE PLUNGE… now over a year later, we can only reflect back with huge smiles on what a success this chapter has been for us!

We’ve transported clients into Live African safaris with a sundowner G&T, a German beer festival that would make Oktoberfest jealous and London Pub crawls that any Brit would be proud of. Just to name a few. Yes we’ve done a few escape rooms and wine tastings, but the C in C-Wise during this time really has stood for creativity. REACH, ENGAGE, WORLDWIDE – are three words to sum up our virtual experiences.

This does mean however that our home offices have turned into packing depots to ensure your guests have an awesome event kit for some hands-on fun during their virtual event!!

Why do we love it?

- No virtual event is the same.

- Our pool of suppliers are AMAZING

- We can have teams from all over the world connect and have fun.

Some feedback from clients:

- ‘Thank you again for putting on such a seamless event; my inbox was full of thanks and praise afterwards and the group seemed to love it’ – Amy @ Morgan Stanley.

- ‘Once again, you guys managed to turn a plain old Zoom into 90 minutes of pure joy for our teams. I’ve already received some great feedback, people really appreciated the effort that went into this, and you certainly make my job a lot easier. Lots of laughs, lots of competitiveness….and Christmas jumpers too!’ – Sian @ Activision.

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