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Shaken, Not Stirred!


'What to do with a bunch of Lawyers in London for a full weekend?' - Jan 2023.


You come to C-Wise who will organise a bespoke program filled with activities, surprises and smiles! Let us talk you through our sunny weekend in September.

We had a fabulous group of guests from a Law firm based in the Netherlands.

(Quick trip on the Eurostar, how easy!)


Friday night.

Time for a traditional evening, and what's more traditional than a vintage double decker bus?

Of course we had Champagne and snacks on board to make the transfer a moving drinks reception.

It would have been rude not to go to a London pub for their first night in London!

We started with branded cocktails and canapes, followed by a 3 course delicious feast.




Not to show off, but our very own Valerie created a awesome bespoke 007 themed Scavenger hunt and she did not disappoint. Picture this...

You're having breakfast, the 007 theme tune comes on, and 10 secret service agents walk in. You are given your first mission. A vintage map in a glass bottle that leads you to the closest pier.

A fleet of speed boats all lined up ready to take you on a thrill seeking ride.

Once back on dry land, you're handed 10 secret mission envelopes, can you solve the clues to beat your competitors to the end location and stop the 'bomb'?

We had a fencing workshop with Gustav, Martini making (shaken not stirred), puzzles and Quizzes, all of which gave you clues to the final destination.

The reward...bragging rights of course, but also becoming team 007.

{insert photo here} - uh oh, we were to busy having fun!


Did you know you could escape the city... within the city?

There is a little hidden gem called Waterloo Oasis Farm. An amazing community farm with an awesome barn and courtyard perfect for events. A real rustic spot for lunch. Especially when indulging in delicious BBQ sharing boards!


After getting all dressed up in black tie attire ready for their gala dinner, it was a short journey in a fleet of black cabs, to arrive at their secret dinner location...Tower Bridge.

Greeted by James bond himself (ok ok.. it was a lookalike), fizz and the sweet sound of a jazz string band, singing only Bond themed songs... it was the perfect end to a busy day!


I hear you asking, 'But where did they rest their heads at night?'.

They stayed in the Hoxton Southwark. A very fun hotel, full of energy as soon as you step inside :)

We had a blast working on this secret mission.

Thank you to our lovely Netherlands Agency who we worked along side with and the fabulous client that put their full trust in our program and event we had planned!

Over and out.

Agent Lucy & Agent Valerie

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