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Transforming a Venue into a Playground!

Updated: May 7, 2022

How do you keep a large group of young professional creatives entertained? …Especially when they’ve been working from home for so long and have tones of energy?

Well, the answer is to turn a venue into an explosion of fun, or in other words a PLAYGROUND!


First up was a theme, and knowing our client and their profession, it had to be colourful and playful. So, playing with the name of one of their games, Candy Crush, We sparked the name COLOUR CRUSH!


Now the question on everyone’s mind is how did you keep them entertained?

Well, seatbelts tightened please….

Bauble painting and Balloon modelling & Gingerbread House Decorating,

Hot Chocolate station, Crown Luge with coloured ice balls!

LOTS of Games, Music and Dancing!

And finally the big surprise to guests on the night! The ice-skating rink, not just any ice-skating rink but this one was on top of the rooftop!


We couldn't have done any of it without our amazing team of helpers!

Thank you to this lot!

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