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Virtual German Beer Festival!

Updated: May 7, 2022

Imagine getting the below invitation!

(April 2021)


Breaking news:

You Are Invited to An Oktoberfest This Spring!

It’s time to put a big smile on and get ready for some real fun, because Oktoberfest is coming early this year. Sometimes it’s called the "Kleine Wiesn" (Little Oktoberfest) or the "Kleine Schwester des Oktoberfestes" (Oktoberfest’s Little Sister). And after one or two springtime beers you’ll be calling it by its real name Frühlingsfest in German accent! Why? Because we’ll teach you :)

We will virtually take you to the heart of Munich, to Theresienwiese – a place of laughter and adventure! Our beer tent will be hosting a tasting session, our Bavarian ride will take you on an entertaining local phrases and accent workshop and our traditional ‘hippodrom’ will have a Bavarian Oom-pah live music on!


Wow what an event this was!

We delivered parcels all round the UK, Europe, America and South Africa, filled with German beer, Pretzels, a German flag and a Bavarian hat.

The session was filled with laughter, beer, singing, beer, Oom-pah music, and a little more beer!


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