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Why a Rebrand?

Updated: May 7, 2022

A rebrand for us is so much more then new colours and a new logo (although aren’t they pretty?), we have a new goal, a new mission statement and a new attitude!

Our first step was name, lets shake it up we thought, after many many brainstorms we came to the realisation that ‘C-Wise’ is the only name for us <3, it has so much history, funny stories and amazing events related to it, why would we want to change that?

Next is colours. We had to keep our Orange but goodbye purple and income the blue.

Sophisticated, nice. More us indeed.

Vision, mission and values was easy, it was what we believe in and what we want to strive to achieve. We hope that these clear messages allow our passion to shine through, both for the world of events but also sustainability.

Our website was a challenge, we loved our old one, but we knew it was time for a fresher look. So this is what we have come up with.. we hope its user friendly (if it’s not, we doubt you will ever come across this blog 😊)

Now I know I mentioned we have got a new attitude. Don’t you dare think for a minute that we are less crazy, because if anything we have got worse!! – We’ve been locked down and stuck at home, no one to share all our jokes with, so watch out for when we are let loose.

We have been so excited for this relaunch, we are in the new normal so why not say hello to the new us!

Thank you for your continuous support and love,

The C-Wise Team x

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